Inspiring 47-Year-Old Nepali Woman Finally Learns to Read

Age is just a number. It doesn’t determine who we are or what we can achieve. At least that’s the case of one woman who changed her life and is trying to convince others that it’s never too late to work toward and achieve your dreams.

Chuna Devi grew up in Nepal and was denied the opportunity to get an education because of her gender. In her own words, she grew up believing “being born a girl is worthless.” She was so robbed of a chance to get a proper education that she couldn’t get her mother to a hospital room when she got ill because she didn’t know how to recognize numbers.

But at the age of 47, after having three children, she decided to do something about it and finally learned how to read with the help of READ Global. Today she is able to educate her own daughters and has started a women’s association where others like her can come together to continue their education and provide a network of support for each other.

We think that’s beautiful and so inspirational. Watch the video above.