5 Tips For A Longer Life

In a recently released 80-year long Stanford University study, findings have revealed some astonishing results.

Beginning  the study in 1921, psychologist Lewis Terman followed 1,550 elementary school students into adulthood. Terman died in 1956, but other scientists picked up where he left off, and in 1990 psychologists Howard Friedman and Leslie Martin took on the monumental task of reviewing the eight decades of data.

Friedman and Martin’s The Longevity Project offers some surprising findings. 

1. People who work the hardest, live the longest. Even in stressful jobs people who love to work and work diligently outlive the slackers.

2. “Giving back” has big rewards. Turns out it really is better to give than to receive. Among Terman’s subjects, the men and women who liked to lend a helping hand–lived the longest.

3. Stay Single. Getting married is not a magic bullet to good health.

4. It’s not the happy-go-lucky who thrive-it’s the cautious worriers who last the longest. Following the “Secret”? Trying to convince yourself it’ll all turn out alright in the end? Don’t bet on it and you may just grow very old.

5. Get Your Funky On—in bed. The records show that the women who most often reached climax most often lived longer. Ladies it’s time to get very familiar with your happy place.

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