Alex Minsky Modeling Photos

WATCH: Wounded Marine Finds New Purpose as Modeling Sensation

Alex Minsky, 25, is an amazingly inspirational former Marine who lost his leg in Afghanistan after his truck ran over a roadside bomb. The horrific accident left him in a coma for 58 days. Upon returning the the U.S., Minsky went through the trials of recovery and drank his woes away as a route of escape.

One day, he decided he needed to make a dramatic change and choose to sober up. Minsky made the commitment to working out two times a day to strengthen his mind and body.

In a twist of fate, Minsky was approached by a photographer when leaving an L.A. gym and the rest is history. He has become a muse for those going through monumental challenges and feel as though all is lost.

Here are some of his most loved photos:

Alex Minsky Framed

Alex Minsky with Tattoos and Bullets

Alex Minsky Flexing His Muscles

Alex Minsky with American Flag

Alex Minsky Wearing Marines Shirt