Amazing Story: Boy Falls From Third-Story Window and Survives!

Child-proofing your home is one of the most important safety precautions to take when you’ve got little ones running around. It is common knowledge to never keep furniture close to windows, as the screen isn’t strong enough to hold a child’s weight.

But when Jessica Hayes, of Aurora, Colorado, was in a cleaning frenzy, she pushed her couch up against a window to shampoo her carpets in her third-story apartment. KCEN reports that she wasn’t thinking of the potential danger this posed to her four-year-old son, Dylan.

While Dylan was playing by the open window, he somehow toppled three stories to the ground and ended up landing on his feet. Some people are describing the incident as a miracle. “I fall … really really far!” the boy later told a reporter.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s Superman!

Their neighbors claim to have seen a flash of red and blue flying past them before hearing a loud crash.

After doing two complete somersaults in the air, the boy landed feet first on the cement below.

“I was terrified,” Jessica said. “I didn’t know what I was going to see when I got down to the ground floor.”

Since the accident, Dylan’s mom has decided to move out of their apartment to a location closer to the ground. He spent 20 hours in the hospital and had a neck brace just as a precaution, but he’s fine.

“There had to have been angels watching over him,” the boy’s grandmother, Kelli Hayes said.