Are You On It? Forbes’ 27th Annual Billionaires List

It’s true. So many people dream about becoming one of the rich and famous.

But if you’ve noticed, these days it’s not about becoming just a millionaire anymore. It’s about becoming a billionaire. Having millions just won’t cut it, especially when the rich just keep getting richer.

You don’t have to be Regis Phillbin to know that everyone wants to be billionaire, but only a blessed few know the secret to being one.

Forbes Magazine just announced its 27th annual list of the world’s billionaires, whose total combined net worth values at a  growing $5.4 trillion. This number is up almost a trillion dollars from last year with a record 1,425 billionaires making the cut.

The richest man in the world still happens to be Carlos Slim Helú – a telecommunications tycoon from Mexico and the biggest gainer on the list is Zara’s Amancio Ortego at number three with a net worth of $57 billion.

Sixty people were dropped from the list, including Aubrey McClendon, who was former chairman of natural gas producer Chesapeake Energy Corporation. The United States ranked in with 442 billionaires, followed by 386 from Asia and the Pacific region.

American fashion designer and philanthropist Tory Burch made the list for the first time with ex-husband Christopher Burch at number 1,342.

Check out who made the top 10 below or visit Forbeswebsite for the complete list.

1. Carlos Slim Helú $73 billion

2. Bill Gates $67 billion

3. Amancio Ortego $57 billion

4. Warren Buffett $53.5 billion

5. Larry Ellison $43 billion

6. Charles Koch $34 billion

7. David Koch $34 billion

8. Li Ka-shing $31 billion

9. Liliane Bettencourt $30 billion

10. Bernaud Arnault $29 billion