13 Brutally Honest Valentine’s Day Cards Guaranteed to Keep You Single Forever

What may be the most polarizing Hallmark holiday ever, is right around the corner.

What is meant to be a day of warmth and happiness somehow always ends up being one of stress and fear–even for happily married couples.

Whether you adore or loathe the day when people across America celebrate their love with cuddly teddy bears, crimson roses, chocolate kisses and candlelit dinners for two, there’s no escaping it.

While some people choose to play it safe during this corporate-sponsored time of the year, it’s important to know that just like every year, there are, of course, alternative Valentine’s Day options abound.

And since the majority of cards never seem to truly capture what you’re really trying to say, we’ve created some greetings that express the awkward, vulnerable truth in relationships.

So, if you happen to feel pressured to say something nice just because it’s Valentine’s Day, here are 13 reasons not to.


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