Edward Snowden Being Used to Sell Lingerie In Germany


Sex sells–everyone knows that.

Whether it’s an advertisement for a car, beer or even real estate. The mere sight of a good-looking man or woman will always garner some attention.

It appears the same concept rings true for US informant Edward Snowden. These days, just the drop of his name is enough to perk people’s ears up.

Like sexiness, humor and trending news are viral triggers, which encourages people to share.

A lingerie brand in Germany recently gave Edward Snowden some unlikely exposure. No, his face and body wasn’t plastered across the Blush Lingerie ad. Instead, he received an honorable mention in meme form.


Berlin ad agency GLOW jumped on the opportunity to create the first of what will no doubt be many, many Edward Snowden-themed ads.

“Dear Edward Snowden, there’s still a lot to uncover,” reads the text on one ad that features a redheaded model in a black bra and matching high-waisted panties.

Clever, right?

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