Think Your Bank Sucks? Here Are 10 You’ll Love

This week, MSN Money released its sixth annual Customer Service Hall of Shame list- a compilation of 10 companies that received the most unfavorable reviews from customers, based on a survey conducted by JZ Analytics.

Although various types of businesses made the list, what really caught our attention were the banks. It’s no secret that banks and customers don’t always get along very well– especially these days– which might explain why the company with the worst reviews was a bank: Bank of America. In fact, this is the second year in a row that BofA topped the list; the year before that, it was at number two.

With banks getting such a bad rap, we got to wondering if there were any good ones out there. Are there any banks that are actually making customers happy?

Turns out, they do. The U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study, conducted by J.D. Power & Associates, measures the banks with the best customer service. It analyzes consumer satisfaction in six different areas — account activities, account information, facility, fees, problem resolution, and product offerings. After surveying 11 different regions, this is what the study found.

California: Rabobank ranked highest in California with a score of 803, and performed particularly well in the fees and account activities factors.

Florida: PNC Bank took the highest rank in Florida with a score of 794 and performed well in the in-person and online account activities areas.

Mid-Atlantic Region: With a score of 823, Northwest Savings Bank ranked highest in the region and performed well in fees and account activities.

Midwest Region: Commerce Bank had the top spot in this region with a score of 801, and did well in the fees and facilities factors.

New England Region: At the top spot Rockland Trust Co. earned a score of 811. The product offerings and fees were its strong areas.

North Central Region: Independent Bank ranked highest in the region with a score of 802.

Northwest Region: Banner Bank ranked highest with a score of 821 in the region and showed good performance in facilities and account activities.

South Central Region: Arvest Bank ranked highest in the region with a score of 826 and performed particularly well in the facilities and fees factors.

Southeast Region: First Federal landed the top spot with a score of 830. It did well in the facilities and product offerings factors.

Southwest Region: Arvest Bank ranked the highest in the region with 827 and performed well in facilities and product offerings.

Texas: With a score of 859, Frost National Bank ranked the highest in Texas and performed well across all six factors, particularly in account activities and fees.

To see the full report, visit The U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study.



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