Justin Bieber Blow-Up Doll Blows Up Sales

Devoted Beliebers, you can finally have Justin Bieber all to yourselves!

The “Just-in Beaver Love Doll” blow-up sex doll is being sold for $26 by an online adult store, Pipedream Products, and has women and (some) men ready to buy.

The box states, “I’m not gay! (OK maybe a lil),” “I wanna be your boy toy,” and “Finally 18! Ready to Rock Your World,” in addition to several other slightly more inappropriate phrases.

The pop-star hunk sports a baseball cap and a hot, built, six pack minus the tattoos and a few other Bieber trademarks (The built six pack isn’t generally considered a Biebs trademark, but we thought we’d give him the benefit of the doubt).

The doll was created by the same company who has been manufacturing celebrity sex dolls for years. It is unlicensed, so it may not be sold for much longer. Past blow-up dolls include the Miley Cyrus sex doll called “Finally Mylie”, Beyonce’s “She Ain’t no Beyonce” and Lady Gaga’s “Lady Gag Gag”. 


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