WATCH: Lana Del Rey Gets High on Psychedelics in New 11-Minute Video for ‘Freak’

We love Lana Del Rey here at FTK. She manages to combine art, partying and beauty into songs that are wholly unique yet accessible to many listeners. As an artist, Del Rey has never been shy about writing lyrics around recreational drug use, such as in songs like “High on the Beach,” but she’s taken a few steps farther out — perhaps beyond this universe — with her new video for the song ‘Freak.”

Del Rey has been promising fans for some time that she’d eventually rope fellow singer-songwriter Father John Misty into doing a video with her. Little did we know they’d be doing the shoots in style — while completely high on acid.

The song comes from Del Rey’s album from last year, Honeymoon. The 11-minute long epic video is full of  sepia, haziness, and everything that’ll make you want to blissed out. Oh, and there are tons of attractive people in the video too.

At the five minute mark Lana’s music dissolves into Claude Debussy’s “Claire De Lune.” At that point you’ll find yourself floating along as if you were partying right alongside Lana and Father John.