Man Awakes from Surgery, Realizes He Has a Beautiful Wife

As Jason Mortensen awakes from surgery, his wife records his anesthesia-induced response to seeing her for the first time.

“Did the doctor send you? Man, you are eye candy,” Mortensen groggily says. “Whoa! You’re the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen. Are you a model?”

His wife Candice giggles as she encourages him to eat his cracker and eventually reminds him who she is.

The video’s description explains Mortensen was coming out of a surgery to fix residual tears from a previous surgery:

“In response to all of the questions: I had a hernia repair to fix residual tears from a previous surgery. I wish I could remember this but I was definitely out of it. This was my fifth surgery within our six years of marriage and she’s been by my side through all of it. In a previous surgery I suffered a severe complication and we didn’t know if I’d ever function the same again. She is the love of my life.”

That’s love.


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