Man Spots Teen Walking 10 Miles in Snow, Offers Him a Job

Everyone is aware that it’s a tough job market out there these days.

There are so many people throughout the country who are currently unemployed, recently laid off or simply can’t find work no matter how hard they try.

For 18-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan, not working wasn’t in his future plans.

The teen’s overwhelming ambition to get out into the working world led him to walk more than 10 miles in the snow and muck – to a job interview.

But before he could make it there on foot, Art Bouvier, the proprietor of the Cajun restaurant, Papa Roux, gave him a ride and even offered him a job.

The small business owner was touched by Reagan’s motivational drive. He not only decided to offer him a position at his restaurant and pay him double what he normally pays employees, after hiring him, Bouvier posted the young man’s story to his Papa Roux Facebook page.

Inevitably, the story picked up viral buzz.

It is so inspiring to see citizens helping each other out and doing a good thing.