Million Dollar Lottery Winner Killed with Cyanide

Let’s be honest — you have probably fantasized about winning the lottery more than just a few times. How could all that wealth not transform your life for the better? It’s what dreams are made of: buy anything you want and more.

Unfortunately, for many lottery winners, the only outcome is pain and tragedy. The mysterious lottery curse is a predictable outcome to some, a psychological study to others and an unknown phenomenon to many. It has claimed many victims whose stories are so strange, even the most rational person can’t help but wonder if those winning tickets are jinxed.

If you follow the headlines, you were sure to hear the news about Urooj Khan. After he collected on his $1 million ticket back in July, he died the next day.

A medical examiner for Cook County, Dr. Stephen Cina, finally ruled that he was killed by cyanide poisoning.

Bloods tests confirmed the finding of cyanide in his system but examiners could not determine how the poison entered his body. Cyanide prevents cells from getting oxygen. When this happens, the cells die. It can be administered a number of ways, including injected, inhaled or swallowed.

Surprisingly, the announcement did not assist investigators in shedding light on Khan’s death. Even exhuming his body didn’t lead to any more clues.

The victim did not have any enemies, but police have confirmed his death a homicide.

According to NBC Chicago, since the man’s death, his widow, Shabana Ansari, has been feuding with family members over control of all his assets, including the winnings.

“I was shattered. I can’t believe he’s no longer with me,” she said.

Was he a victim of the lottery curse?