WATCH: Music Festival Focus Group Gets Pranked

You know when you see photos and videos from music festivals, and they usually include shirtless guys or bikini-wearing girls doing crazy stuff? Maybe they have some strange light rig that only they enjoy flipping around, or a drinking apparatus that looks like it came out of a bad science fiction TV movie. And then there’s all the jewelry, and strange wardrobe, and head wreaths, and… we could go on and on.

Well, just in time for Coachella and the upcoming music festival circuit, Ticketmaster created a prank that we absolutely loved. They set up a fake focus group, gathered together people who enjoy these events, and showed them insane items that might be sold for festivals.

There are two sides of this that make it awesome among the many music festival pranks we’ve seen out there. The first is how the participants are trying to take the situation so seriously, either because they want to get paid at the end, or because the woman running the focus group is so serious and believable and awesome that you really think this is real. The second point is that the crazy crap she pulls out of her box is the kind of crazy crap you would expect to find at one of these alcohol-laden (or drug-laden, let’s be honest) events.

Check it out and see if you know anyone who’d want this stuff. You never know — this video may inspire some budding entrepreneurs.

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