New Batch of Frozen Pizzas Healthier Than Salad?


Why is it that those things that are so unhealthy for our bodies taste so good? As much as I try and stay on a balanced, nutritional diet I always find myself giving in to my love for pizza and it’s not just because it represents the four basic food groups: veggies, meat, carbohydrates and dairy.

It’s quite possibly one of the best foods ever created. It even tastes better the next day right out the refrigerator. Pizza for breakfast, anyone?

When I was younger, I could probably put away eight pieces and not gain a single pound. Today, if I were to attempt to eat that many slices, I’d probably end up in the hospital. Also, instead of adding extra pepperoni and cheese to my toppings, for maximum nutrition I often opt to add avocado and organic Roma tomatoes.

Pizza is generally seen by health experts as a negative choice when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating. Fortunately, for all you pizza lovers out there, a new batch of the frozen delight have recently gone on sale in England and Wales and the makers have claimed they are healthier than eating a salad.


According to the company’s website, Eat Balanced pizzas contain 47 essential nutrients, including vitamin and mineral-rich ingredients such as red pepper and ground seaweed. Compared to various other frozen pies, which contain around 300 calories and 13g of fat, Eat Balanced pizzas have 172 calories and 5.3g of fat.

Professor Mike Lean, chair of human nutrition at Glasgow University, even believes having a few slices of these pizzas is a healthier option than supermarket salads.

“Find me a salad that matches up to the Eat Balanced pizza,” Lean told the Daily Mail. “I haven’t been able to find one yet.”

Lean worked with Eat Balanced CEO Donnie Maclean to create the sensational pizzas. “Nobody has previously designed a meal which has got everything in the right proportions. I’m pretty proud of it,” Maclean said.

Eat Balanced

According to Eat Balanced, a healthy diet could be maintained by eating three of the pizzas every day. They key to any diet, of course, is portion control. Dieters are advised to only eat two of the pizzas a day.