Obese Virgin Smashed Girlfriend’s Head Through the Wall During Sex, Sheds 224 Pounds

There are several reasons people give for wanting to lose weight. Sometimes they’re motivated to get healthier, other times they want to get in shape for a special occasion, while for others it can just be to feel better about the way they look. For one man however, the desire to drop his excess weight was something entirely different.

According to the Daily News, a formerly obese virgin, Gregg Casarona, sent his girlfriend to the hospital after smashing her head into the plasterboard wall during his first-ever romp session.  The woman, Jennifer Gerakris, was temporarily knocked unconscious but luckily suffered no serious injuries.

The humiliating incident – featured on a TV Show called Sex Sent Me to the ER — did cause tons of harm to Casarona’s self-esteem, however. So after Gerakris broke up with him, he decided to turn his life around.

“I realized I was eating up to 7,500 calories a day” he said of his starting point. “At first I swapped normal soda for green tea and water and took one less serving at meal times then I normally would.”

He added that it was an emotionally uplifting feeling when he started losing weight. “I had to buy new smaller clothes – new pants, belts, shirts – and these small goals really helped me to kick on and reach my end goal.”

After losing 224 pounds Casarona must have a new-found respect for the incident with Gerakris, and although the couple is no more, the Long Island man has no complaints about his love life.

Although he doesn’t care to divulge the specifics, he says “I get a lot more attention from women now I’ve lost all the weight, which is another fantastic perk” adding, “It definitely helped me get more dates.”

He is also advancing in his career as a TV extra, appearing on shows such as Law and Order SVU, Blue Bloods, and the movie The Amazing Spiderman 2, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Feature Image: Caters