18 Photos of Meth Addicts That Highlight the Horror of Addiction

There are more than twenty-two million Americans currently suffering from drug abuse and addiction issues. Drug addiction never paints a pretty picture.

All one has to do is take one look at an addict’s face and you will understand the turmoil and suffering they face each and every day because of their physical and psychological dependence. Addiction paves the way for changes to take place in the brain, which makes drug use something that is done compulsively and much harder to stop, even with the best treatment.

The best way to convey how methamphetamine addiction literally sucks the living soul out of your body is through these photographs of those who have “been there.” In the images below, from Rehabs.com, you can see the horrors of addiction. These are real accounts of individuals who have experienced first-hand where a life of drug abuse can lead.

By bringing to light how addiction, even if just through photographs, destroys a person’s life, hopefully people will choose not to learn the hard way.

Is drug addiction destroying your happiness and overall life, or the life and happiness of someone you care about? Reach out to a national helpline.

WARNING: Some images may be too graphic for viewers. 

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