R.I.P. VW Bus: Bummer Dude

Well my hippie friends, we hate to bring you down, but it seems, the last Volkswagen bus is due to roll off assembly lines in Brazil on Dec. 31, 2013–the end of an era.

Volkswagen is ending production in the last place where the van was still being manufactured–a factory near Sao Paulo.

Although output will stop in Brazil, there should be plenty of VW vans rolling along for decades–a lot were produced and they’re easy and cheap to repair.

VW has produced more than 10 million Volkswagen Transporter vans globally in the 63 years since Germany introduced the vehicle.   More than 1.5 million have been produced in Brazil since 1957.

Volkswagen Brazil is turning the final few into special editions. They’ll come in a kind of robin’s egg blue with white trim. Inside: “Special vinyl upholstery” with matching  blue curtains on the windows.



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