The Journey Begins with Schick Hydro’s ‘Clean Break’ Series

The beauty is in the journey.

Produced by Los Angeles-based branded entertainment shop Content & Co. in partnership with Schick Hydro, “Clean Break Presented by Schick Hydro” is an adrenaline-pumping television series which premiered its third season in June on FUEL TV.

The show is available as a broadcast and Web series that invites three ordinary guys to break free and test themselves both physically and emotionally.

Hal Hardy, Leon Fleisher and Allen Walker’s lives are chronicled as they undertake new adventures from base jumping to river surfing to cave abseiling. Their journey comes to life alongside professional athletes including renowned yachtsman Dean Barker, four-time Olympic Medalist and professional kayaker Ian Ferguson, and world-champion surfer Zen Wallis, during a 10-day excursion throughout New Zealand’s exotic locales.

Did you know guys who are spontaneous, adventurous and even impulsive tend to be happier? Well, it’s true.  A new study conducted by Schick Hydro polled over 3,500 men and found this and other intriguing surprises.

base jump

Stuart McLean, founder and CEO of Content & Co., says the idea came from research the studio did about twenty-somethings, suggesting they are “really stressed out because there’s so much uncertainty. They want freedom and they represent that. It’s a different perspective on life.”

Ditching routine, comfort zones, and their own personal fears, these three strangers have sought and found vibrant, purpose-driven lifestyles and hope to inspire viewers of all ages with their once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

For aspiring graphic novelist Leon Fleisher, the show was based around his fear of heights. Before being chosen to participate on the series, he was that guy who avoided plane rides and roller coasters. Today, he’s ready to conquer anything.

“On our first day in New Zealand we had to jump off the side of a building and I was completely terrified. It seemed like everything that we were doing was catered to overcoming my fears. We did about four different events involving me jumping or falling. By the time I was finished with the last activity, I was no longer scared,” says Fleisher.  “I’ve actually become excited about these daredevil experiences.”


Surprised that his fear didn’t linger, he has come to terms with understanding the unique challenges that come with achieving his goals. For Fleisher, conquering his fear of heights was one of the biggest accomplishments of being on the show.

“I was hoping I wouldn’t die. Other than that, I’m all good. It’s funny how fear works because you think about every single thing that could go wrong instead of enjoying the moment and just having a good time,” explains Fleisher. “I wasn’t even expecting to conquer any kind of fear by being on the show. I wasn’t going on the show thinking I’d be doing a ton of jumping.”

Taking a giant leap of faith brings a sense of excitement and adventure to one’s life. It is empowering; opening up a brand new path and a brand new beginning. Everything on this trip was a big question mark until the adventure at hand was revealed.


“What I experienced in 10 days is enough for most people to last a lifetime,” says Allen Walker. “It was perfect timing. I was pretty hard on myself in the past and questioning myself. Schick really gave me a better attitude about life. I’m much more positive now and feel like my purpose is clearer. It has truly been an unforgettable experience.”

AllenWalkerAs a senior in high school, Walker broke his neck during a football game and lost all chances of achieving his life-long dream of playing in the NFL. The Clean Break journey has helped him regain the confidence he had before his debilitating accident and get him out of the rut of working dead end jobs, while trying to find his niche. What held him back from taking that leap was being brought up in a society where he was taught to appreciate comfort and safety. But all of that was simply dead weight.

“Hearing the stories, triumphs and struggles of the accomplished athletes we met was a very inspirational aspect of the trip for me. It proved that it’s not impossible to achieve your dreams. This trip is something I’ll be telling my grandchildren about. I smile every time I think about it,” Walker says.

For some people, breaking free is about putting personal significance in an otherwise drab existence. Whatever the reasoning may be, whether social conventions or perfect timing, the only real thing holding people back from living the life of their dreams is taking that first step. These opportunities are things people look for every day and unfortunately can’t always find them.

“Not being in your own environment is something special,” says Walker. “I was given the chance to break out of my mold. These adventures took me away from my everyday life and I’ll never forget them. These moments helped me realize what true pleasure and happiness was all about. I never was the type of guy that feared adventure. I was excited to find out we would be given the opportunity to do something different. The change of pace has definitely opened my eyes.”


If you would have asked each of these guys a year ago what they saw themselves doing in the future, they would have never imagined venturing off on a trip to New Zealand. Their experiences have shaped the way they view the world and have taught them that the present moment is the most important thing in life.

“Something that actually surprised me was the canyon swing. When my back was turned toward the canyon, I was really afraid. Your legs get shaky, your mouth gets dry and your palms are dripping with sweat. Fear was most present in that moment,” admitted Walker. “It was a blood-rushing, exciting prequel to the trip. Everything in your body is telling you to get away from the edge but you end up pushing yourself off of it.”

Breaking free is a mental state. Once you have the courage to let go of all the anxiety that comes with the unknown–that’s when the real journey begins.

Remember: You don’t need permission to live the life of your dreams. Don’t wait until you’re old and looking back in disappointment that you could have seen and done so much more.

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