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Kathleen Folbigg

Serial Killer Blames Supernatural Forces for Death of Her Kids

Get the latest details on the Kathleen Foiberg case and why she thinks supernatural powers were the cause of her children's deaths.
Henry H Holmes

America’s First Serial Killer: How Henry H. Holmes Used a World’s Fair to Lure...

Henry H. Holmes was America's first serial killer, and he may well have been its most prolific, luring unsuspecting guests into his castle of horrors.
serial killers as children

Serial Killers as Children: 9 Photos

Do you think some people are just born evil?

The Troubling Psychology of Female Serial Killers

One in six serial killers are female, and they're vastly different from male killers.

Belle Gunness: The Serial Killer Who Lured Suitors to Their Death

She was never caught or punished for her years of fraud and murder.

My Life as a Serial Killer’s Daughter: How One Woman Overcame Her Father’s Dark...

A murderer somehow gave birth to an inspirational woman.

The 9 Most Frightening Female Serial Killers

These real serial killers seem like they came out of horror movies.

10 States Where You Are Most Likely to Encounter a Serial Killer

This list may surprise you. Did your state make the list?