The 5 Easiest Ways to Keep Cash In Your Wallet

You want to save some money, but coupon clipping just isn’t for you. Don’t worry. Here are five easy ways to save.

1. Coin counter
Forget the fees from coin counting machines. Buy an inexpensive coin counter and at the end of your day, drop your change into it. When the counter gets full, roll it up and place it in a bucket. If you do this for a month, you’d be surprised by the amount of money you rack up. Just exchange the rolls at the bank and voila – cold, hard, bills at your fingertips.

2. Manager’s Specials
You know the rack with reduced-price food goods at grocery stores? It’s hidden away in the back recesses like it’s something to be ashamed of.

Don’t ignore it, embrace it!

Things get marked down for packaging defects, discontinued items, and various other reasons, but they’re all still okay to consume. As someone who’s worked at a retailer, and who marks food down regularly, trust me when I say the food is perfectly fine; a retailer would never sell something that could harm a human being. This applies for Manager’s Specials throughout the store, as some retailers have meats, alcohol, and bakery products marked down, too. Just check the expiration dates and follow standard food safety guidelines.

3. Online Auctions
Everyone experiences buyer’s remorse at some point or another. You buy that one expensive shirt that looks great on you at home, but you wear it out and realize how foolish you look. Before tossing it in your pile of regret, try posting it on an online auction. Even if you don’t get all of your money back, getting something is better than nothing.

Looking to score a great deal of your own? Check out penny auction sites like QuiBids, where you can grab big ticket items like iPads and major electronics for almost 80% off.

4. Pack your lunch
Sounds obvious, but people don’t do it enough.  The Accounting Principals’ 2013 Workonomix  Survey says 89% of American workers spend an average of $35 a week on lunch. That’s $1,820 a year on lunch! To save money and pack a lunch, prep on the weekends (for those who are cooking-challenged, invest in appliances that can make your life easier, like a crock pot). On each day, cook large portions for dinner and the leftovers can be packaged as lunch for the coming days. Some easy to create meals include salads, pasta, pizza, rotisserie chicken, and soups.

5. Make your own coffee
Buying coffee every morning puts a major drain on the wallet. According to Accounting Principals’ 2013 Workonomix survey, 82% of American workers spend about $20 a week on coffee; in a year, that ends up being $1,040. Ouch! If that isn’t enough of a motivator – think of all the trees you save by using your own mug.


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