Thrill Seeker Hangs Off of 250-Foot Crane

How do you feel about dangling from a 250 foot- crane? Probably not so good given Vertigo and intense terror don’t fit into your schedule today.

While most of us still can’t get over the trauma caused by climbing the 18 foot rope in gym class, daredevil James Kingston voluntarily hung himself from a 250 foot crane in Southampton, England’s Ocean Village. If that isn’t daring enough, Kingston then takes one hand off, letting himself dangle by just his right hand.

The video takes you through the whole journey, from the bottom- up. We guarantee you won’t be able to control your heart rate as the 22 year-old makes his way closer and closer to the top.

Kingston’s other well-known taped stunts include running through Southampton rooftops, and testing his acrobatic tricks off of them.


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