How to Transfer Photos to Wood Using an Inkjet Printer

Transferring photos to wood seems like a complicated process — and it can be. We’ve shown you the fancy way of doing it using a gel and sealer. This was a hugely popular post, and it makes for a really great looking transfer. However, there is an easier way to do it.

Life hack guru Daniel Ehlers from ElhersTV on YouTube has created a “Transfer Photos to Wood Inkjet Technique” that is much faster. All you need is baking paper, water and an inkjet printer. His end product doesn’t look as fancy as the version we created in the top example, but for a fun project with the kids — and perhaps with some better paper printing — you can make this method look pretty cool also. As he says on the YouTube post:

ATTENTION: With a little practice your images will be better than mine….

PRO TIP: For a perfect finish, use hairspray, clear coat or wax to seal.

Good to know. Check out the video above.

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