TweetPee: Diaper Sends Tweet When Your Baby’s Wet

Babies of all ages, infants especially, should be changed as soon as they’re soiled. Not only is it more comfortable for them, but it’s also the single best way to prevent diaper rash.

Well, Huggies Brazil is now making it easy to know when a baby’s diaper is wet with TweetPee. Wait, what? Is this suggesting that parents are too busy to know that their precious little bundle of joy needs attention?

The system consists of a bird-shaped sensor that attaches to the front of a diaper and a Twitter alert. When the sensor notices that there’s a change of moisture in the diaper, it’ll immediately send a tweet to your phone (granted you own a smartphone and are always connected to Twitter) and let you know it’s time to take care of business.

You get to decide whether to retweet that message to your followers or not. Way to go social media! There is also a corresponding app that will track how many diapers you use and let you reorder online when you’re running low. Unfortunately, the system isn’t capable of detecting if your kid pooped.


Eric Bruner, a spokesman for Kimberly-Clark, the parent company of Huggies, told TODAY Moms that he didn’t know whether the product would be made available in the US or anywhere outside of Brazil. For now, the TweetPee system is only available in Portuguese and will be launched in Brazil in July.

The company has a webpage dedicated to explaining how it works (in Portuguese), but the gizmo is not intended for mass production.