WATCH: Japan Invents Incredible Floating Bonsai Trees

The Japanese design team called The Hoshinchu Team has created a futuristic, and reality-bending new type of bonsai. They call the creation “Air Bonsai” and it allows the tree to float in the air, suspended over a clever base.

It looks like magic, but the technology behind their creation is actually pretty simple—so simple in fact that in a Kickstarter campaign they announced plans to release it as a simple do-it-yourself kit.

The kit included a porcelain base that include a built-in magnet and a rotating mechanism that runs on a simple AC adapter. The kit uses magnetic energy to balance the floating half—called the “little star”—in the air over the base.

The bonsai plant is placed on the “little star”, but it can be replaced with any small plant that you may desire.

Check it out in the video below, and check out the Kickstarter campaign here.