Woman, 52, Arrested for Attempting to Sell Adult VHS Tapes to Neighbors

Everyone… meet Jeanette Ellis.

This 52-year-old woman has just been arrested for soliciting sales without a permit. And what she did was way different than Girl Scouts going door-to-door to sell cookies.

In a scheme to collect some quick cash, Ellis decided to try and peddle some VHS porn tapes she found on the side of the road near her South Carolina home. She did what most people would do, right? Instead of tossing them in the trash or simply walking past them, she wanted to make a profit off the discovery.

According to WECT 6, she went walking around her neighborhood asking people if they would like to purchase them for $5.00 a pop. Unfortunately, one of her neighbors wasn’t too pleased with her sales tactics and called the cops.

When questioned by a Gaffney Police Department officer, Ellis explained that she was “trying to sell some porn VHS tapes.”

Do people still own VCRs? Also, who buys porn anymore when it can be downloaded for free?