Woman Hit By Home Run Ball, Husband Dives Out of the Way

It looks like chivalry really is dead!

Well, at least according to this clip from Tuesday’s baseball game in Arizona between the Cardinals and the Diamondbacks.

You would think the young gent would try and shield his lady when the high-flying home run ball hit by Pete Kozma came barreling towards them. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. The ball ended up smashing into the woman’s face, as her husband fearfully jumped out of the way.

Although there are various rules of etiquette surrounding what you should do in these situations, protecting your loved ones usually comes first. From the looks of it, this guy would save his beer from getting knocked over at a game before making sure his wife was okay.

His attempt to comfort her after the hit is so halfhearted.

As Cardinals’ broadcaster, Al Hrabosky, put it: “Nice goin’, boyfriend.”

That pretty much sums it up.