10 Actors You May Not Know Are Dead

Between TV repeats and movies on demand, there are a lot of celebrities who we don’t realize are actually dead. From child stars to legendary character actors, here is a list of those who you may not realize have passed away.

While no death is a “good” one, some of these deaths on this list are truly tragic — including many young actors who became addicted to drugs. The list of actors you may not know are dead include:

Dana Hill – Dead from complications due to diabetes.

Lee Thompson Young – Suffered from bipolar disorder and killed himself.

Patrick Swayze – Died from pancreatic cancer; his death was so sudden, many think he’s still alive.

Taylor Negron – Died from liver cancer, but he’s still seen in so many shows and movies that people believe he’s still alive.

James Rebhorn – Died after battling melanoma cancer for years; like Negron, he worked so much few realize he’s passed away.

Brad Renfro – Overdosed on heroin at age 25.

Skye McCole Bartusiak – Overdosed on drugs at age 21.

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper – Died from a pulmonary embolism, which triggered a heart attack, at age 61.

Harold Ramis – Died from an autoimmune disease in 2014.

Lisa Robin Kelly – Died from “multiple drug intoxication.”