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10 Annoying Workplace Phrases That Drive People Crazy

At this point in time…
To your point…
I’d like to point out…
Ahh, those annoying workplace phrases, the cliches and useless combinations of words that supposedly make you sound smart — a power player on his way up the corporate ladder.
Sorry, kids, but while you may think you sound like a power player, most of us think you sound like a power tool, and we’ve got no problems making fun of you behind your back. And so we did, right here on FTK. This was actually a two-step process. The first was to poll our peeps on Facebook to see what terms of speech they hated most. From that we got more answers than we could handle, which ended up going into a post of the 85+ most annoying workplace phrases.
From there, friends and fans weighed in on the most hated, and those results are here in this handy slide show. The results may actually surprise you. They certainly surprised us — but that’s probably because certain statements made by certain employees can seem more annoying than if said by someone else. And, evidently, our readers know some REALLY irritating people who tend to lean toward the word combos listed here.
Check them out, and let us know what work phrases you hate the most.

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