These Shower Thoughts Are Absolutely Brilliant

We all know we do some of our best thinking in the shower. We don’t know why, but it seems like some of our greatest “aha” moments have happened while sudsing up.

That is exactly why when we started going through the new subreddit called “Shower Thoughts,”  where people submit ideas and thoughts that occurred while they were in the shower, we knew we were going to find some real gems. And oh, were we right. From the hilarious, to the profound, to the why-hadn’t-I-thought-of-that obvious, what we saw had us engaged and entertained for hours.

And while we loved almost every piece we came across, a few stuck out above the rest and were just pure gold. So of course we thought of you and decided to share the fun. With that, we’ve compiled the slideshow above containing 10 of what we think are the best shower thoughts we’ve ever heard of — other than our own, of course.

So check them out, mull them over in the shower the next time you’re washing up, and then let us know if you come up with any equally brilliant thoughts.