10 Best Tony Soprano Lines: R.I.P. James Gandolfini

The HBO TV series, The Sopranos, ran from 1999 to 2007. It was recently voted the best-written series of all time in a recent Writers Guild of America survey, and during  its time, it was considered the most financially successful series in the history of cable television–winning 21 Emmys and five Golden Globe awards.

The show centered around the story of a New Jersey mob boss who decides to see a psychiatrist to deal with his emotional issues. The lead role of Tony Soprano was created by David Chase. The actor who deftly played Soprano, James Gandolfini, was not conventionally handsome but became a sex symbol none the less. Superbly balancing the character’s edge with vulnerability and charm–Tony Soprano could was heartless and yet lovable.

Here are some of our favorite and most loved quotes by one of the greatest actors and characters of our time. 

ganolfini 1.
A great talent taken too soon. James Gandolfini died in on vacation with his family in Rome, Italy at age 51.

1. Speaking to his wife, Carmela: “You’re only religious when it suits you.”

2. Referring to his mother’s involvement in a plot to kill him: “What kind of person can I be, where his own mother wants him dead?”

3. Speaking again to Dr. Melfi: “The things I take pleasure in, I can’t do.”

4. Summing up the root of the problems between him and his Uncle June at the end of season one: “Cunnilingus and psychiatry brought us to this”

5. “A wrong decision is better than indecision.”

6. “You don’t s*** where you eat. And you really don’t s*** where I eat.”

7. “Well, when you’re married, you’ll understand the importance of fresh produce.”

8. “Here comes the Prozac!”

9. “It wasn’t like it was friggin’ Cobain. It was just a little suicidal gesture, that’s all.”

10. “I’m like King Midas in reverse. Everything I touch turns to s**t.”