10 Coolest Outdoor Jobs

If the only air you breath is coming out of vents, the water you drink comes out of a cooler, the sounds you hear are phones ringing and keyboards clicking, maybe it’s time to ditch your desk and head to the great outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to choose a career that puts you under a big beautiful sky–why not? The next step is how to land this rare gig.

Here’s a list of our favorite outdoor jobs.

1. Island Tour Guidegreat jobs 2.

For anyone who dreams of working in paradise, has a keen sense of direction and an appreciation for history, island tour guides get to do it all. This job is full of possibilities; from kayak tours along a tropical river, to riding atop an open-air vehicle pointing out volcanoes and native wildlife. You’re a fit for this job if you have excellent customer service, knowledge of the area, and great communication skills.

2. Golf Director

You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to this job, but if you like spending time on a  putting green, this is the spot for you. Gold courses are some of the most highly sought after travel destinations world-wide. Golf directors are often responsible for managing tournaments, recruiting pros, and ensuring the quality of the course. In addition, they get time to meet with guests and hit the links. Passion and expertise in golf is a must, along with a diversity of business skills.

3. Astronomer in Hawaii’s famed Mauna Kea Observatory

Love gazing at the stars and getting mesmerized by bright colors bursting in the night sky? Mauna Kea offers the best conditions for optical and infrared measurements. The mountain hosts the world’s largest astronomical observatory, with telescopes operated by astronomers from eleven countries. The combined light-gathering power of the telescopes on Mauna Kea is fifteen times greater than that of the Palomar telescope in California — for many years the world’s largest — and sixty times greater than that of the Hubble Space Telescope.

 4. Landscape Architect.great jobs 1.

Be Edward Sissorhands without the disability of having scissors for hands. A true artist with a bush. If you want a rosy job, why not consider a career creating stunning landscape designs, potentially ranging from traditional residential English gardens to zeroscape zen commercial spaces, this is a job for someone who uses greenery as canvas and Home Depot tools as paintbrush.

5. Flight Attendant

Not just servers in the sky, these folks have the best opportunity to see the great outdoors globally. No previous airline experience is typically required, but great customer service skills are a must, along with the ability to lift objects up to 35 pounds. If you get the job, you’ll enjoy travel benefits, too, including discounted flights or the option to grab a free seat flying stand-by.

6. Parasail Captain

Think there’s nothing better than soaring through the sky over water? How about driving the boat that resides in the Caribbean?  While you’ll spend the majority of your day on the water and in the sun, this job isn’t for everyone. Parasail captains do it all – from providing customer service to guests to managing finances to cleaning the boat. A captain’s license and CPR certification are required.

 7. Event Planner

It’s no easy job, especially when you’re tasked with pulling off a huge summer wedding or banquet, but putting your creativity and organizational skills to the test under pressure can be extremely rewarding. At the end of each event, you may just get to enjoy some tasty treats under the sun or stars. If you’re a self-starter, multitasking extraordinaire and have a sense of humor, this job might be a fit.

8. Park Ranger

It doesn’t get much more ‘outdoorsy’ than this job. As a park ranger, you’ll spend your days helping others have fun by a lake, atop a mountain or anywhere in-between. Within the U.S. alone, the national park service has more than 22,000 employees and 221,000 park volunteers. An environmental degree or experience in environmental education is typically required. You’ll also need to pass a written and fitness exam.

9. Marine Biologist

Whether it’s studying marine life under the depths of the ocean, managing a natural resource infrastructure project along the coast, or educating others at a theme park, marine biologists can enjoy a diverse career path. In addition to a passion for science and a related degree, marine biologists also have excellent project management and communication skills.

10. Lifeguardgreat jobs 3.

Thinking Baywatch? In reality, what you see on TV is far from the everyday duties of a pool, lake or beach lifeguard. With this job, you’ll save lives, prevent accidents and ensure families are having a good time safely. You’ll have to learn water safety and lifesaving skills, pass a swim and written test, and earn your CPR certification. However, there’s no denying it – if you want to spend your days under the sun and by the water, this might be the quintessential job.