10 Disturbing & Haunting Photos from Humanity’s Darkest Moments

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There are some photographs that have the power to paint a thousand words, to render people speechless, to captivate them, to break their heart; the ones in the slideshow above are no different.

Many of the events that took place during the time these images were captured you have probably read about in history books, but it’s these photographs of the horrors of humanity’s darkest moments that seem to linger long after the facts and details have faded from our memory.

Sadly, there are countless atrocious acts that have been committed throughout history — too many to name in just this one post.

But if you were to just take a moment to skim the headlines in the news, you’ll see that there are still lessons to be learned from the past. War, famine, genocide, murder, enslavement, torture, and other inhumane acts continue to ravage the Earth.

Will it ever stop?

  1. These are images of Hiroshima before and after the United States dropped the atomic bomb.
  2. The most haunting image from the Bangladesh factory collapse. A final embrace of two workers.
  3. During the Second Sino-Japanese War on August 28, 1937, this image of an injured baby was taken after Japan bombed Shanghai’s South Station — killing more than 1,500 innocents.
  4. This woman was allegedly condemned to die of starvation in this wood cage. It was featured in National Geographic back in 1913.
  5. Taken after the bombing of Nagasaki, Japan, this image forever haunted the US Marines photographer who captured it. The young child being carried by his older sibling is dead, and was carried to be cremated.
  6. The Atlantic Slave Trade was the height of dehumanizing, brutal, chattel slavery.
  7. Peter Fechter desired to cross over the “death strip” in order to vault the Berlin Wall to West Germany, to freedom. Sadly, he was shot dead and then carried back to East Berlin.
  8. Nazi death squad preparing to shoot (possibly) the last Jew in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.
  9. Holodomor was one of the greatest famines in human history. It was genocide by starvation of millions of people in Ukraine. Corpses in the street became an everyday sighting.
  10. “Mass Grave 3″ at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where nearly 50,000 people were killed, including Anne Frank.