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10 Fascinating Facts About Notre Dame You Probably Didn’t Know

On the evening of April 15, around 500 firefighters battled the blaze that engulfed Notre Dame. Before it was contained the next morning, the catastrophic fire destroyed the 856-year-old cathedral’s iconic spire and two-thirds of the roof, known as “the forest.”

The cause of the fire remains unclear, but officials do not suspect that it was arson or terrorism. Thankfully, the rest of the structure has been salvaged and about a billion dollars have been pledged to assist with its restoration.

Situated in the heart of Paris, France, Notre Dame is a national treasure. It has served as a beacon for centuries—not just as a geographical beacon but also one of hope.

Here are 10 fascinating facts about Notre Dame that will make you appreciate its history and grandeur.

1. Notre Dame Is the Most Visited Monument in Paris

Tourists queue prior to the mass in Notre-Dame Cathedral on August 15, 2016, in Paris. (Photo by ALAIN JOCARD / AFP)

Each year, around 13 million people visit this iconic structure. It is the most visited attraction in the city, followed by the Sacré-Coeur basilica in Montmartre.

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