10 Facts that Prove Apple Is Secretly Building an Electric iCar

For some time now, there have been rumors about Apple creating a super-hip new electric car that will have the same success as the iPhone, the iPad and Apple computers. Some think that the company has no reason to compete with more established car companies, while others are certain that an Apple iCar is already in production.

As for the company itself, Apple is very tight-lipped about such a venture.

Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, one of the three most successfully selling electric car companies in the world, is sure that an Apple electric car is just a matter of time. Here are some reasons that he may be right.

1-Apple has definitely purchased the domain apple.car and several other automobile-related internet domains.

2-Many of Tesla’s car engineers have left Tesla and were recently hired by Apple.

3-There are reports that Apple is negotiating with BMW.

4- Apple has been also hiring (poaching, actually) former Samsung employees (especially battery specialists).

5-The iCar project is codenamed ‘Titan’, according to The Wall Street Journal, which says that the iCar project is not a secret amongst Apple employees.

6-People are saying that the new car manufacturer, Faraday Future, could in fact be a front for Apple’s rumored electric car so they can work on the project without prying eyes. Faraday Future recently received $1 billion in funding and won’t say where it came from (to Apple $1 billion is a drop in the bucket).

7-Apple has reportedly just bought a huge amount of land in California, which is claimed to be around twice the size of its new Spaceship campus, which already measures in at around 2.8 million feet. (You need space to test drive and keep cars).

8- Just a couple of months ago, Apple hired Rónán Ó Braonáin, ex Director of Engineering at Reviver, a start-up working on what Braonáin calls “the world’s first digital license plate.” Before working at Reviver, Braonáin spent five years as a software engineer at BMW.  (How cool if iCars come with digital license plates?)

9-According to the Wall Street Journal, apple has hired experts in driverless cars. (Not only electric, but autonomous driving!)

10-Again, the Wall Street Journal is saying that internally Apple employees are all aware of an iCar target ship date for 2019.

How exciting is all of this? An electric, possibly autonomous iCar?