10 Gross Things Everyone Does (When No One Is Looking)

What kind of gross things do you do behind closed doors when no one is watching? C’mon, you can tell us.

One of the greatest things about having alone time is that you have the right to be as disgusting as you want. And guess what? Nobody ever has to know about it. At least, that’s what you’re hoping for.

Admit it: You probably do at least five of the things listed below on a daily basis.

1. After showering, you reach down into your butt crack to pull out those long hairs that get stuck.

2. You pee in the shower, even though you could’ve used the toilet before hopping in the tub.

3. You inspect the toilet paper after wiping.

4. On that note, after wiping, you look down into the toilet to see your poop before flushing.

5. Biting off little pieces of your lip and then continue to swallow them.

6. Shooting snot rockets in the shower to clear out your nostrils.

7. Plucking that thick, black hair out that keeps growing on your chin. Women, we’re talking to you. 

8. Enjoying your own farts, whether they’re loud, funny or really, really stinky.

9. Taking a whiff of your clothes to check if it’s okay to wear them for a fourth day without washing.

10. Picking at your scabs to see if the skin underneath is healed, yet.