15 Idiotic Laws That Only Exist in America

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America is filled with some pretty idiotic laws, ones that will leave you scratching your head in disbelief.

You would think that laws would be logical, that they would make sense. When you consider that they were put into place in order to help society run smoothly and keep people in check, who would have thought that playing dominoes on Sunday afternoon could get you arrested? Not us.

In the slideshow above, we feature 15 of our favorite: the silliest, most insane, craziest laws we could find from various states. It may be hard to believe, but these idiotic laws actually do exist.

The law forbids women to sing while wearing a bathing suit in Sarasota.

Without proper licensing, you may NOT sell human corpses for money.

South Carolina
Every citizen is required to carry their gun to church.

Halethorpe, Maryland
Kisses longer than one second are illegal.

Doesn’t allow people to carry concealed weapons more than six feet long.

It is illegal to deny the existence of God.

It is illegal to milk another man’s cow.

According to state law, it is illegal to speak English since the officially recognized language is “American.”

Women may be thrown in jail for up to 30 days if they impersonate Santa Claus.

You’re not allowed to pretend that your parents are rich.

Waterville, Maine
It is illegal to blow one’s nose in public.

When removing and changing the clothes of a storefront mannequin, the shades must be drawn.

Birds have the right of way on all highways.

Los Angeles, California
If you were taking part in a trial, it would be illegal for you to cry on the witness stand.

Playing dominoes on Sunday will get you in trouble.