10 Insane Reasons Not to Vote Today

This has been a tense election year, with friends, neighbors and families sometimes finding themselves in heated arguments– or not even speaking– due to their political standing. And yet, no matter where you land on the candidates or issues, most people agree on one thing: We’re very lucky to live in a country where we can have debates and vote.

That said, pre-election polling¬†suggests¬†that there will be lower voter turnout than in past years. And with that in mind, MSN looked around for folks who were tweeting about why they wouldn’t vote today. Now we don’t normally get all political on First to Know, but we wanted to take a moment with this one.

Some excuses are just lazy, like from people who say, “I don’t have time!” (Doctors, teachers, lawyers, counselors, social workers, U.S. aid workers in foreign countries and the President all find the time. What are you doing that makes you SO BUSY that you can’t do a little research, drag your butt down the block to the easily visible polling place and VOTE?!)

Others are just apathetic, like saying both candidates suck. (Perhaps, but at least they’re both fighting for causes they believe in. What are you doing? Oh, that’s right, nothing.)

Visit now.MSN.com to see all the sad, pathetic, crazy-train tweets. It should frustrate and anger you. It should motivate you to call that relative you don’t always agree with and encourage them to vote. Because being a part of the process– no matter what side you’re on– matters.