10 Matching Couples Tattoos That Aren’t Completely Terrible

Sometimes there is nothing more cringe-worthy than seeing couples getting inked together. Everyone knows that getting a partner’s name tatted on your backside is ill-advised, at best. Then, of course, there are the cheesy, over-the-top designs that are oozing with clichés about love and being together forever. What if they break up?

While a lot of couples’ tattoos seem like a really bad idea, there are a few really sweet and touching designs that secretly you won’t hate.

We scoured the Internet and found a few that prove that maybe—just maybe—matching tattoos aren’t so bad after all.

These tattoos are artfully done designs that offer a unique twist on matching couples tattoos.

While you might not be completely sold that getting matching ink is the best idea, at least these tattoos show you that they can actually be pretty cute.

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