10-Month-Old Baby Left Alone Inside Closed Daycare Facility

When Sharonda Ross went to pick up her 10-month-old son from daycare after work as usual, she immediately realized something was not right. She discovered the doors locked, and no employees seemed to be inside. The parking lot was empty.

Ross said that although the daycare closes before she gets off work, she has had an arrangement with staff of Joann’s Day Care since April allowing her to pick up her child a little later in the evening.

The 30-year-old Houston mother said she immediately went home, thinking that her husband had picked up their son.

When they realized neither of them had their son, they raced back to the daycare center.

They heard a baby crying inside, which is when Ross begged her husband to break a window and get the child. He did, after they banged on the window several times to see if anyone would come to the door.

Ross said she filmed the incident to show authorities and the daycare center. Fortunately Ross and her husband were able to retrieve their baby.

In a statement to ABC News, the daycare center’s owner Joann Davis apologized for the incident, saying that it was a mistake.

Davis said that the employee who left the baby will not be fired because it was an accident.

In a letter sent to parents, Daivs said:

“The baby was given a bath, because he was uncomfortable due to a diaper rash. The teacher fed him, bathed him, changed him and placed him in his crib to rest while she finished cleaning the room.”

It is believed that the worker then left and locked up for the night, forgetting about the child who was quietly napping.

A report was filed with the Harris County Sheriff’s office. Ross and her husband have not been charged for breaking into the facility.

So far no one from the daycare facility has been charged, although an investigation is pending.