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10 Most Beautiful Beaches That Will Make You Want to Retire Early

If you’re sitting there daydreaming about where you’d like to travel to next, we’ve rounded up a few beaches from around the world that will make you truly reconsider quitting your job, or at least make you want to move somewhere with a warmer climate.

Imagine the sultry scent of coconut and sweet fruits dancing off of your balmy sun-kissed skin beneath an azure sky. Overhead the palm trees sway in the breeze and the salty ocean air brushes up against your face. With your eyes closed, you think to yourself, “This is the life!”
You may have surfed the pristine barrels of Santa Catarina, Brazil, or strolled along the white sand beaches off the Kohala Coast in Hawai’i, but in this moment, the glimmer of the silent golden sands, crystalline waters and warm sunshine are so intoxicating that you begin to wonder if you ever want to be reunited with the civilized world.
Whether you’re interested in finding a place to simply prop up your umbrella, feel the warmth of the sand between your toes, or embark on tropical adventure where you’re free to float around on the bluest waters with an ice-cold drink in your hand, these are the ultimate destinations by the shore.
From popular white sand beaches in Australia to secret, hidden coves in Seychelles, that require a little patience and effort to reach, watching as the magnificent waves lay themselves gently upon the sand in the soul-warming sun will be enough to encourage you to embrace traveling for a living.
While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there’s only one word to describe these 10 most beautiful beaches: Paradise.

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