10 Most Bizarre (But Totally Cool) Forms of Art

It’s no secret that there is some bizarre art in the world, but that word — bizarre — can be interpreted differently by different people. So rather than focus on things that would gross you out, we chose bizarre art that we think is pretty cool. Above are a series of images, and below are explanations for what you’re seeing. 

3D Foam Art

Imagine receiving a latte every morning that looked like this? Starbucks should hire Japanese artist Kazuki Yamamoto to take their customers’ coffee experience to a whole new level.

Body Art Illusions

The ol’ canvas is too boring these days, at least for 25-year-old German artist Gesine Marwedel who uses her body (amid sweating, breathing, etc.) to showcase her amazing paintings.

Famous Musicians Made Out of Their Own CD’s

The intricate placing and stacking of each CD takes skill, but the fact that each musician’s caricature is made out of nothing but 65,000 of their own CD’s is absolutely mind-blowing. It took artists Moreno De Turco and Mirco Pagano about 200 hours to gather the CD’s and make seven portraits.

Indoor Clouds

A very calculated piece of art, temperature, lighting, and humidity all play in to achieving Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde’s piece.

Human Hair Necklaces

For some, this may seem creepy, but artist Kerry Howley does an amazing job of turning what’s considered disgusting — long stray hairs — into something beautiful.

Hand-Painting Illusions

This idea of using hands for art makes finger painting look even less like child’s play. Painter Annie Ralli transforms her hands into whatever her imagination fabricates.

Louvre’s Sculptures, Hipster Edition

Ever imagined what famous sculptures would look like dressed in modern attire? Apparently, art director Alexis Persani did too, which inspired her to dress each one as her closest friends do.

Photorealistic Artwork

Digital photographs have helped artists gather visual information and try to achieve photorealism. By the look of this drawing by Diego Fazio, it is possible to draw what appears to be a photograph. Fazio used nothing but pencil to complete this piece.

Lip Art

All artist Natalie Irish needs is a canvas and her favorite colored lip shade. The end result would be considered amazing even if she had opted for an old-school paintbrush.

Shadow Art

Japanese artist Kumi Yamashita creates incredibly realistic shadows out of the random placement of ordinary objects. Some of them are actually quite creepy!