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10 Most Dangerous Weapons You Can Legally Own in the US

Whether it’s for self protection or you just want a piece of history that looks cool on your wall, here are the 10 most dangerous weapons you can legally own in the US.

10 most dangerous legal weapons in the US

  1. Chain Whips

Like something out of a sci-fi action movie, chain whips look dangerous and impractical, but they are actually legal in every state besides California, Maryland, and New York.

Make sure you aren’t hit with one of these! With their serrated edge, they can create huge gashes and can slice through a watermelon with ease. Seriously, these are probably more dangerous to people who are learning to use one than to anyone else.

  1. Umbrella Sword

Banned in California, Massachusetts, and New York, umbrella swords can function as a normal umbrella when it’s rainy and a sword when you need to defend yourself.

The fact that they can look like a normal umbrella is what makes these so dangerous. Some come with a cane-style handle, meaning you could use it as a cane as well.  Others use a sword handle if you want to be less subtle. The sword is usually a thin rapier that unsheathes from the umbrella bit.


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