10 Shocking Fashion Styles – From Brilliant to the Hideous

Fashion trends come and go — that’s just their nature. But because their time can be short-lived and people move on to the next thing, the demand for new ideas is always high. Which means, designers, artists and even entrepreneurs have to provide the supply — and provide they do.

Sometimes what they come up with is genius and awesome and everyone loves it. Other times, not so much. And of course there are those styles that sit somewhere in between; you don’t really know how to feel about them.

Whatever the case may be, what we’re concerned about here are the styles with the ‘wow’ factor — and we don’t necessarily mean that in a good way. The shocking fashion photos in the slideshow above range from the hideous to confusing and the brilliant. We’re talking gummy bear gowns, something called the face-kini, and sky high heel boots that have no heels! And it only gets better.

Check out the 10 shocking, bizarre and insane styles in the slideshow above.

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