10 of the Most Amazing Burning Man Installations

Have you been to Burning Man? Have you not, but secretly hope to someday? Or are you just curious as to what it’s all about?

Whether you’ve missed the boat on getting a ticket or don’t have the funds for this year’s event, this gallery will offer you a window into what goes down each year at Black Rock City. The 2014 Burning Man is set for August 25th through September 1st.

Burning Man Installations Gallery Images

1. Bliss Dance by Marco Cochrane, 2010
Reaching 40 feet in the air, this unique modern steel sculpture challenges past engineering feats seen in previous years. It celebrates feminine beauty and humanity.

2.The Temple of Transition, 2011
Comprised of four grand entrance halls that converge into a central altar, this structure was a powerful main attraction, allowing visitors to sit and write, hold remembrances and contemplate the meaning of life.

3. Big Round Cubatron by Mark Lottor, 2006
The Big Round Cubatron is a three-dimensional light sculpture, made up of 6,144 lights.

4. The Temple of Forgiveness by David Best, 2007
It took 150 people from around the world to build this structure. Standing at 126 feet, this was the world’s 5th largest wooden structure to ever be built. The Temple of Transition was created to offer people a deeply emotional space.

5. I.T. by Michael Christian, 2006
An intimidating installation inspired by 1950s science-fiction creatures.

6. Duel Nature by Kate Raudenbush, 2006
Can you guess what this structure has to do with the human race?

7. Celtic Forest by Laura Kimpton, Bob Hofmann and Jeff Schomberg, 2007
This figure is Belisama, the Celtic goddess of fire, light and the muse of music and poetry.

8. Charon by Peter Hudson, 2011
The last rite of human passage…

9. Hope Flower by Patrick Shearn and the DoLab, 2006
A flower represents hope. A symbol of new life, spring and beauty.

10. Key Note by Michael Christian, 2009
Made entirely from locks, Key Note is beautifully eerie. Michael says that the man is in search of another key. Oh, the paradoxes of life.