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10 Insanely Famous People You Probably Didn’t Know Were Introverts

Introverts get a bad rap. Often misunderstood as being shy or insecure, folks who are inwardly-inclined are usually written off as unapproachable or seen as recluses.

But that’s not always the case. Introverts do enjoy quality time with other people and can go out and have just as much fun as their extroverted counterparts. The difference is in how they recharge. While extroverts feed off the energy of other people and social situations, introverts need much more time to be by themselves or in smaller groups of intimate friends; otherwise they feel drained, which makes additional outside stimulation a dreadful prospect.

Additionally not all introverts are necessarily shy just because they’re quiet,  just like not all extroverts are over-the-top party people. They just enjoy listening, observing and processing things internally, the way a more sociable person enjoys talking, sharing and processing things as he speaks.

Because of these and many other misconceptions about what it means to be an introvert or an extrovert, it is easy to incorrectly assume that a certain type of person belongs to one or the other category. But when you look at some of the most public people in history and even today, you will find introverts make up a big part of that list. And they work in all types of fields — from big time reporters, to world-famous singers, to even the richest person in the world — the 10 famous people above have said they identify as introverts and prove that such personality types are not always resigned to working in a quiet library.

For more info about extraversion and introversion, check out the Myers & Briggs Foundation page by clicking here.

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