10 Reasons Real Men Drive Stick

According to AskMen, a man who drives stick (i.e. a manual transmission) usually leaves an excellent impression on a woman — unless of course his shifting skills are so erratic he gives her whiplash.

“Real men understand that cars need three pedals, otherwise the vehicle is nothing more than a fancy golf cart,” asserts AskMen.

More importantly, the publication cites “10 Reasons Real Men Drive Stick.”

We’ll count them down for you:

10. A manual transmission makes you appear in total control.

9. You can throw out automotive jargon and not sound like a tool.

8. It is impossible to spell “Manual” without “Man.” 

7. Driving stick reveals that you can do more than one thing at a time.

6. You can corner like you’re on rails (automatic transmissions tend to cause a car to drift and wiggle around corners).

5. Fancy tricks are possible with a manual transmission. For example, you can do the “heel-toe maneuver,” a common trick in motor racing that allows you to downshift, rev-match, and brake at the same time. Once again, you’ll reveal you are in ultimate control.

4. You get better fuel economy with a stick. More money left over to spoil your woman!

3. You won’t look like a chump when masterfully driving your manual transmission.

2. Manual transmissions help you get off the line faster.

1. Women love when a man is good with his hands!

Convinced you need to make a switch to a stick shift?

You may want to consider Popular Mechanic’s “10 Best Cars that Offer a Manual Transmission.”

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