10 Reasons We’re Psyched About Gabby Douglas’ Olympic Win

As you may know, 16-year-old American gymnast Gabby Douglas gave a winning performance yesterday which earned her the all-around Olympic gold medal. We could go on and on about why she rocks, but we’ll try to keep it short and sweet. Here are the top 10 reasons we think it is so cool that she won:

  1. Well, the first one is obvious: She’s bringing home the top medal for the US! It’s a victory for all Americans. (We love all our readers, American or not, but when it comes to the Olympics we’re a teeny, tiny, bit biased. You understand, right?)
  2. Not only is she just the fourth American to win the all-around title, she’s the first ever African-American to win it. A 16-year-old making history? Not bad at all.
  3. Douglas was an underdog. When she started, her chances were in question, and many doubted her abilities. According to the NY Times, even as recently as a few weeks ago Martha Karolyi, the coordinator of the women’s national team, said Douglas lacked confidence and focus and didn’t have what it takes to be an Olympian. Well, Gabby showed her, didn’t she?
  4. Douglas has a unique back story and she shows how hard work and persistence pays off. At 14, Douglas moved to Iowa to train for the Olympics with coach Liang Chow. She had to leave everything she knew–from her hometown in Virginia Beach, to her friends and family in order to train. That’s rough enough for 18-year-olds who leave home for college. She did it at 14.
  5. Even though a ridiculous controversy sparked over her hair, it only highlights how awesome Douglas is and how pathetic those who say nasty things are. The girl just made history and the focus is on her hair? Really, it’s just sad. We don’t see the trash-talkers winning any kind of Olympic gold.
  6. We also don’t see them getting any kind of recognition from big name celebrities. Amongst those who congratulated Douglas are Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne and even President Obama, who made a phone call and invited the 16-year-old over to the White House. Also, we congratulate her. Getting a FirstToKnow congrats is pretty awesome too.
  7. Her adorable smile. (Self-explanatory).
  8. You can see her adorable smile every morning as you eat your cereal! She has earned an endorsement deal with Kellogg’s. The company announced that grocery stores will soon sell Corn Flakes boxes with Douglas’ image on them. Move over, Michael Phelps. Although, Phelps is really awesome too. He is, after all, the most decorated Olympian, ever. Okay, back to Douglas.
  9. She is a regular kid in her everyday life. She isn’t the stereotypical, crazed, ultra-focused Olympian. Outside of the gym her activities include listening to rap music, joking with her friends, and a passion for the Twilight series.
  10. This video: