10 Driving Songs That Can Keep You from Dying

You already know that wearing your seat belt, checking your mirror and putting your phone away while driving are important safety precautions you should always take. But did you know putting on some Aerosmith can also help you make it to your destination safely?

According to a new London Metropolitan University study, it can. Confused.com, an insurance comparison website, carried out an experiment to see how different types of songs and music genres affect our ability to drive.

The experiment featured four men and four women, each driving 500 miles under various conditions and listening to different playlists. The experimenters equipped them with a MotorMate app to measure their driving skills.

Happy beautiful woman in a carThey found the tempo of a song can greatly affect how safe you are on the road. Simon Moore, a psychologist from the University who reviewed and analyzed the data explains: “Music that is noisy, upbeat and increases your heart rate is a deadly mix: 55 to 65 decibels is the optimum music volume for driving.”

In other words, fast tempo songs that excite can encourage drivers to speed up and match the beat of the song, where as mid-tempo tunes help the driver to maintain safe conduct.

In addition to songs, different genres were also measured with various results for the two different genders: Hip-hop music made a female driver drive a lot more aggressively than her male counterpart, with harder breaks and faster acceleration. The males responded to heavy metal with faster driving, while the women showed a similar effect with dance music. The classical playlist made both the female and male groups drive the most erratically.

Based on the experiment, the group put together a list of the ultimate safe driving songs to drive to. Check out the top 10 in the slideshow above.