10 Signs That You’re Not in Love Anymore

Sometimes things are off in a relationship just because of stress or because some catastrophe happens in your life. Other times, there are signs that you’re not in love anymore, and it’s over. If you’re not sure, read the following and be honest with yourself:

#1 – Bad Breath & Body Odor

Remember when you were so crazy about your significant other that morning breath seemed endearing, even cute? Does his/her breath make you roll over and sprint out of bed now? If she/he’s not freshly showered are you disgusted by his/her scent? Love has got to be at least 80% smell, so repulsion is a telltale sign of soured love.

#2 – Grammar Teacher

Do you find yourself correcting his/her grammar when you used to chalk it up to colloquial speech, even slang? You  know you’re not your lover’s teacher so take and deeper look to see what’s really up.

#3 – Pretending to Listen

Is it impossible to stay focused on what your significant other is saying without your mind drifting off while you only pretend to be listening? This is the person whose every word you used to hang on. You can’t pretend to be attentive forever. What’s really going on?

#4 – No Sex, Please

Do you dread going to sleep, worried your lover will want some loving? Do you cringe when he/she touches you or tries to snuggle? Stop making excuses about stress or the fact that sex doesn’t mean very much to you anymore. This is not supposed to be a platonic friendship. If you feel repelled by the person closest to you, you’ve probably fallen out of love.

#5 – Senseless Irritation

Is your partner getting on your nerves watching TV, getting a snack or just simply breathing? Does he/she have to wear those old jeans again? Arrgh! You don’t have a reason to be so annoyed but if you’re no longer in love and are still in each other’s space, you’ll find yourself irritated at your significant other without any logical reason.

#6 – No Respect

When you fall out of love, your perception of your lover changes completely. The person you once saw as totally creative suddenly seems like an idiot. If you thought he/she was financially responsible, he/she suddenly seems cheap. When respect is gone, bank on the fact that you’ve fallen out of love.

#7 – No Eye Contact

If it’s unbearable to look your lover in the eye but you’re not guilty of anything per say, chances are you are afraid of being found out for not feeling a fuzzy connection. It’s one thing not to stare into each other’s eyes like you did when you first met, but avoiding eye contact usually means you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re not really all there.

#8 -The Butterflies Have Flown Away

While it’s true that the butterflies may settle after a while in a relationship, if you’re not feeling at all elated or giddy when you see your partner, it’s a problem. Love gives you a lift. If that’s not happening, you’re probably not in love.

#9 – Seeking Attention

Are you losing weight, wearing sexier clothes and becoming increasingly flirtatious with everyone but your partner? Some people are innate attention seekers, but if you’re putting out signals that you’re interested in a fling and not in a committed relationship, it probably means you’re looking for something new.

#10 – Apathy

Are you so over it that you don’t even care when your partner addresses problems in the relationship? Apathy is even more cruel than yelling sometimes. If your partner’s feelings don’t matter much anymore or you’re tired of hearing it, you’re not in love.